About Us

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The Marley One brand believes in mushrooms.

We believe in the tremendous healing power that has been known to indigenous cultures for centuries and has recently been further understood and validated through scientific research. We believe in bringing products of the highest quality that not only benefit us as individuals, but also lead to a greater global connectedness. 

We live in a time when wellness of body and mind, and care of spirit, are of paramount importance and value to lead fulfilling lives. Through Marley One, we hope to further the idea that within the circle of life, nature is central to helping us all become one. 

Our Retreats

At Marley One Wellness, we have assembled a team whose diversity of skills, education, and genuine character gives us the ability to connect with each one of our guests, while providing a secure environment needed for self-exploration. 

Your experience starts with an onboarding call, where you will receive the retreat information and guidelines, as well as a preparation session with Dr. Sarah. You will have a team to support and guide you not only during your stay in Jamaica, but beyond for post-retreat integration. Here at Marley One Wellness, our team cherishes the opportunity to work with you.

  • Functional mushrooms in our One Flow, One Mind, One Rest, One Harmony and One Flow 
  • Available globally 
  • Psilocybin products (capsules, chocolates and gummies) 
  • Dosing: microdose to ceremonial strength 
  • Launching June 2023 
  • Available only in Jamaica 
  • Therapeutic Retreats offering a variety of modalities 
  • Held Monthly in Jamaica 
  • Offering different themed retreats as well curated group and individual retreat