The primary active component of many kinds of hallucinogenic ("magic") mushrooms is psilocybin, which occurs naturally. A psychedelic experience is brought on by the substance's conversion to psilocin in the body after ingestion.

A class of psychoactive substances known as psychedelics causes altered states of consciousness. The Greek words "psyche" and "dlos," both of which imply "to manifest," gave rise to the phrase "psychedelic," which means "mind manifesting." Psilocybin is an example of  a"classical" psychedelic.

For a list of forthcoming retreats, please visit our website homepage.

Our process if very straightforward.

1. Start by picking the retreat that best meets your preferences.

2. Click "BOOK NOW" and pay your deposit.

3. Complete the screening questionnaire that will be sent via email and schedule your onboarding call.

4. Have your intake screening call with our Retreat Facilitator. 

5. Once approved, complete payment for your retreat.

Yes. Each of you should have individual applications and note that we will charge at a per-person rate for each guest.

Of course! Please select “single occupancy room” when you’re booking your experience.

Unfortunately, we are unable to welcome non-participants. We believe that it’s very important for everyone attending the retreat to be fully participating in the experience. 

A group setting is not the most suitable for all potential guests and through our screening process (our form and onboarding call) our team will review and determine we’re a good fit for our prospective attendees.

We recommend flying into Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, code: MBJ.

Flights are not included in the retreat price.

If you're looking for personal growth and expansion

Marley One retreat will be a total of 5 days and 4 nights. The detailed schedule is listed on our website and is specific to the retreat experience you select.

Our retreats are usually 8-12 attendees to ensure a high quality of care and experience for our guests.

Our team varies based on the particular theme but would usually range between 4-6.

Please review the listings specific to a particular event experience but they tend to include: accommodation, meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), non-alcoholic beverages, pre and post retreat integration and support, experienced retreat facilitators, meditation and ceremonies, somatic therapies, fire ceremony, workshops, rastafarian cannabis ceremony, signature culinary experience and indigenous sound bath meditation.

Our retreats vary in price, please review the website and look at the specific retreat (dates and themes) for accurate pricing.

This dose varies by participant based on the intake questionnaire and personalized onboarding with our facilitator, but tends to be in the 3-6 gram range, but can be greater, depending on the individual. Our medicine is grown in Jamaica and comes from a GMP-certified supplier.

Psilocybin is considered to have a low potential for toxicity or addiction.

If there is some unforeseen issue that impacts our ability to host the retreat on the set dates, we will give you the option of rolling over your payment to a future retreat or issue a refund. In the event you are unable to travel we offer travel insurance at purchase for your protection.

Deposits are non-refundable.  Please note, once your application has been reviewed, if you are not approved for a retreat, your deposit will be returned.

Cancellation charges will be applied based on when we receive written notification (via email) of your decision to cancel. The charge is a percentage of the total retreat price, including surcharges, as shown below:

a) 60+ days before Retreat Day 1: you may transfer your payment/credit to another retreat or you may request a full refund

b) 30-59 days before Retreat Day 1: you may transfer your payment/credit to another retreat

c) 15-29 days before Retreat Day 1: retention of 80% of your payment/credit

f) Less than 14 days before Retreat Day 1: retention of 100% of your payment/credit  

No - we are not able to accommodate safety animals at the retreats at this time. 

Not all the locations where we host our retreats are ADA accessible.  We would be happy to help determine which or our retreat locations would work for you if you require ADA accessibility.  Please reach out to us at grow@marleyoneretreats.com

Each guests receives 2 post-retreat integration sessions which are included with the fee, and the option to expand that with ongoing support.

Once you have submitted your registration form one of our retreat leaders will contact you for a pre-acceptance review of the information you provided. This allows for improved session pairing, reduced chance of medication conflicts, consideration of a need for associated therapies, and to build a deeper connection with our guests. 

While individual experiences may differ, the set and setting we establish is focused on inclusion and reassurance.

Our current process includes 2 separate dosing sessions with reflection and integration to allow participants a relaxed, natural processing of their experiences. Currently we do not offer single day retreats.